Holley Fuel Line Kit, Adaptors & Fittings

This is a Holley Dual Feed Fuel Line Kit with the aluminium fittings finished in a black anodised coating. The kit is made from a number of standard Speedflow parts that come together to create the Holley dual feed fuel line kit.

It is shown with stainless steel braided hose, but it could be made with Aeroquip Startlite or the black Nylon Braided hose if you want the total black look.

Holley-dual feed fuel-line-kit

The set up you see here is a new unit for our customers Chevy Blazer truck. The truck has been totally rebuilt and finished in deep black paint. All the hose fittings, adaptors and hose ends have been anodised black to match the colour scheme

Holley Dual Feed Fuel Line Kit Extension Tubes

Speedflow uses an extension tube fitted to each of the dual feed inlets on a Holley. Our extension tubes are supplied with new Viton O ring seals. We have a few variations that mean we can have a -08 AN connection or a -06 AN connection on the extension tube. The version shown above is -06 AN and this is fine in most cases. -08 AN Holley dual feed fuel line kits are only required if you have significant fuel delivery needs, such as drag racing or high speed endurance projects.

We also manufacture a short AN adaptor for the Holley carburettor. These are available in -06 AN and -08 AN and are used when fuel lines (fuel hoses) are run direct to each end of the carburettor. This is sometimes achieved by using a Holley regulator and taking a fuel feed from each of the two outlet ports.

Holley fuel adaptors

Holley Dual Feed Fuel Link Kit Standard Colours

Speedflow manufactures the Holley carburettor fittings with a blue anodised finish as standard. However, we can apply any colour finish to our products to order. Below is a regular Holley dual feed fuel line kit.

holley-duel-feed-fuel line kit

In this instance we have used 100 series stainless steel braided hose, but other options including Teflon hose or Aeroquip Startlite hose are available.

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