Oil Take Off Plate With Wrong Oil Flow Markings

cheap plateThis is an Asian manufactured Oil Plate that has been cast with the oil markings around the wrong way. We recently had this sent to us along with some other parts by a customer for thread identification. It might look like a Mocal one, and at a glance you could think it was the ‘real thing’. But it isn’t, this item is stamped ‘Taiwan’ on the inside, not something you will find on a Mocal item.

Wrong Oil Flow Markings

The problem with this oil plate is the oil flow direction markings. They inform the user that oil returns to the engine (IN) via the outermost port and exits the engine (0UT) via this central port. Those who are knowledgeable will instantly recognise this to be wrong. In all instances (*that we know of) the oil flows into the engine via the central threaded spigot. If these directions are trusted there is potential for a serious problem at the remote oil filter housing.

cast aluminium plate

The Problems It Can Cause

When the oil is sent to a remote oil filter housing that has the hoses correctly connected this will lead to a problem. If an oil filter with an integral non return valve has been fitted then the oil flow will initially be halted. The build up in pressure may well lead to failure somewhere in the system. If the oil filter does not have a non return valve there is potential for the oil flow volume to cause the element to balloon out and tear / break up. This later scenario results in no oil filtration and filter paper contamination of the oil system. Neither of the above is a desired outcome and could lead to a costly engine failure..

Mocal Oil Take Off Plate

This is an example of a Mocal oil plate and it clearly shows the correct oil flow markings.

the oil casting