Hose Fittings

There are many types of Fitting available to the Motor Sport enthusiast. The options are diverse and it can be difficult to choose the most suitable type for your project. I take a look at them and highlight the key differences. This is our Oil Fittings overview. Continue reading

Aluminium Valve AN Fittings

DIY hose menderThis is one of the Speedflow billet ball lever valves with male AN ports. This level of engineering and attention to detail is not often seen on ball lever valves. Made in the Speedflow factory to the same high quality as all our products. We take a look at these and show what makes them one of the best you could choose for your project. Continue reading

How to Fit Push On Hose Ends

In this article we look at How to Fit Push On Hose Ends with confidence and ease. This is the Speedflow step by step guide to help you get it right first time. In the past we have had a few enquiries from people who felt uncomfortable or unsure about fitting push on hose ends to the hose. Most of what you read on this page is taken from the revised AN Hose & Fitting Guide (V2 2014 edition). Continue reading