Oil Take Off Plate With Wrong Oil Flow Markings

cheap plateThis is an Asian manufactured Oil Plate that has been cast with the oil markings around the wrong way. We recently had this sent to us along with some other parts by a customer for thread identification. It might look like a Mocal one, and at a glance you could think it was the ‘real thing’. But it isn’t, this item is stamped ‘Taiwan’ on the inside, not something you will find on a Mocal item. Continue reading

Black Areoquip Starlite – No Red Tracer

pipes with black coveringThis is the new Black Areoquip Startlite hose that will be replacing the existing version of Areoquip Startlite with the red tracer in the Nomex weave. This unexpected development by Eaton has so far gone unreported. People who are part way through a plumbing project may be disappointed to have two different looking versions of the same hose. This is our overview of the change. Continue reading

Holley Fuel Line Kit, Adaptors & Fittings

This is a Holley Dual Feed Fuel Line Kit with the aluminium fittings finished in a black anodised coating. The kit is made from a number of standard Speedflow parts that come together to create the Holley dual feed fuel line kit.

It is shown with stainless steel braided hose, but it could be made with Aeroquip Startlite or the black Nylon Braided hose if you want the total black look. Continue reading