AN Hose & Fitting Guide

an fitting guide by speedflowThe AN Hose & Fitting Guide is Free to download. You’ll get it in PDF format and you can save it to refer to at any time in the future.

You don’t have to buy from us to access this book, we don’t even want your email address so we can send you ‘newsletters’.

AN fitting guideRegardless of where you procure your AN hose equipment our eBook will help you.There are other suppliers of An Hose and Fittings that you can use. All the information in our eBook is available from all manner of sources dotted around the internet. But the AN Hose End Fitting Guide, created by Ian Caseley, is the only book that presents information about AN hose systems in an easy to read format and logical order. Its starts with an introduction and takes you through to detailed step-by-step hose end fitting guides.

There are three hose end fitting guides, one each for:

  • Push On Hose
  • Teflon™ Hose
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose (also refer to for Aeroquip Startlite hose & lightweight nylon braided hose)

Inside Our AN Hose End Fitting Guide You’ll Discover

  • What AN hose is all about. You will be able to discuss the subject with confidence and be better advised when you order parts.
  • Why you need to use AN hose & fittings. OEM hoses were designed for the stock production vehicle and may be a risk on a modified or altered vehicle.
  • Which hose for which job. See the specification charts so you don’t make costly mistakes using the wrong type of hose or using the wrong hose ends.
  • How AN fittings actually fit to the AN hose. See cut through examples that explain the sealing method and how the hose is mechanically held to the fitting. You can be confident when making up your hoses because you know how it works.
  • Detailed photographic AN Hose End Fitting Guides. These are a step by step guide for the three main hose types and will tell you everything you need to know to make up a hose.
  • Avoid costly mistakes on your project by being informed – learn from our many years in the business.

And much, much more.