Black Areoquip Starlite – No Red Tracer

pipes with black coveringThis is the new Black Areoquip Startlite hose that will be replacing the existing version of Areoquip Startlite with the red tracer in the Nomex weave. This unexpected development by Eaton has so far gone unreported. People who are part way through a plumbing project may be disappointed to have two different looking versions of the same hose. This is our overview of the change.

Black Areoquip Starlite

We had a delivery of all Black Areoquip Starlite last week and it was an unannounced surprise. We thought it was the wrong hose and it set off a flurry of phone calls and conversations. It turns out the manufacturers, Eaton, are doing away with the well known Red Tracer in the outer Nomex weave. This is part of an upgrade driven by customer feed back (see below). I suspect a gradual change over to an all black outer weave will be seen as existing stocks that have the Red Tracer are used up. This may lead to confusion with customers and I’m sure we’ll get calls from customers who think they have been sent the wrong hose – hence this article.

two sorts of the same pipe

No More Red Tracer

We want to be able to let you all know this is a planned development with Eaton. We got in-touch with them to check and this is the reply.

The StarLite has just received some improvements; we removed the red tracer from all sizes and the excessive glue for the -12 size. These changes have been requested by our customers for years – most like the all black look. Nothing has changed within the structure, material or function. We simply removed the red Nomex yarn and replaced with black Nomex yarn. A formal announcement goes out soon on this! ‘.

Eaton also mention ‘excessive glue’ on the -12 AN hose, that’s not a feature or problem we have noticed or been aware of.

Stock Levels

This change to all black Areoquip Starlite is almost 100% visual and it could represent a short term problem for us and our customers. Especially those who are part way through a project. We will want to supply orders of Areoquip Starlite in the same colour/design. However there will be a transitional period where some sizes in stock have the Red Tracer and some sizes are the all Black Areoquip Startlite. The time frame for the change over may be difficult to manage depending on the stock volumes being held, Eaton have not been able to confirm what they hold. We will be doing our best to maintain all stock in the new All Black finish just as soon as it becomes available to us. I will run down the stock level of the Red Tracer version (thankfully we do not have a huge stock) and leave it as long as possible before ordering new stock. I hope by then that all sizes will be Black Areoquip Starlite.