Areoquip Startlite E85 Ethanol Compatibility

green logoWe recently had an enquiry regarding Areoquip Startlite compatibility with E85 ethanol fuel from a customer. Our customer intends to run a specific blend of fuel that includes E85 ethanol. We wanted to get as clear an answer as possible so we approached Areoquip for clarification on the subject. We’d like to share that with you.

Areoquip Startlite

Areoquip gave us this reply: Our Areoquip Startlite hose has been used with ethanol based blended fuels for many years without any issues. We have zero recorded failures from E85. We are working to create new studies on 10% blend as I can’t speak on this. We know custom blends are going on in the marketplace and have zero push back from our hoses. I just do not have solid test data to support either way.

So what does this mean?

Areoquip Startlite is compatible with E85 ethanol and there has been no failures of hose caused by E85. Unfortunately Areoquip do not appear to have any reference material on specific percentage blends of E85 ethanol. This would have been useful for our customer, but the bottom line is clear. In many years of people using various E85 ethanol fuel blends the hose has not failed. Firstly, it’s great to get straight forward honest information from the manufacturer. This doesn’t always happen due to various commercial pressures and interests. Areoquip Startlite has a great specification and remains one of the best hoses to use in Motor Sport. It’s also one of, if not the, most expensive hose you could choose. However the benefits of light weight, resistance to abrasion and the insulation properties outweigh the slight increase in cost.