Aluminium Valve AN Fittings

DIY hose menderThis is one of the Speedflow billet ball lever valves with male AN ports. This level of engineering and attention to detail is not often seen on ball lever valves. Made in the Speedflow factory to the same high quality as all our products. We take a look at these and show what makes them one of the best you could choose for your project.

What Sizes Are Available?

We manufacture these valves in four popular sizes with male fittings. They are -06 AN, -08 AN, -10 AN and -12 AN. Two body sizes are used, the smaller manufactured as -06 AN & -08 AN and the larger manufactured as -10 AN & -12 AN.

valve sizes

Aluminium Ball Lever Valve Construction

The valves are machined from 6061 aluminium. Each of the aluminium parts are anodised for protection. We can custom anodise these to any colour.

The valve is full flow. This means the ball valve opening and the internal machined opening is the same diameter as the fitting that you connect onto it.

Look at the design of the body. The area under the lever is machined flat and it has some drilled and threaded holes. These allow this valve to be mounted to a flat bracket, chassis tab or panel with the spindle and lever arm left exposed.

fittings body

The lever arm is also machined from 6061 aluminium and it has a 4.5mm hole specifically for a control cable to be fixed to it. These can be used as an emergency fuel shut off when installed with the right control set up.

The valve uses PTFE Teflon seals and seats internally. PTFE is a  near inert material that helps to ensure compatibility with a wide range of fluids.


The billet aluminium ball valve is compatible with oils, all regular fuels, coolant and air.

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