About Speedflow

All About Speedflow

This page is an overview of the company, our famous hose ends, fittings & adaptors and why we do our best to deliver a great service. This is a summary of our core values.

Speedflow has manufactured and supplied innovative and quality aerospace style fittings to the Motorsport market in Europe, Australia and around the World for more than 25 years. We are a supplier of a wide range of products. We not only stock the excellent Speedflow range of hose ends, fittings and adaptors, we also have a huge range of associated equipment and parts. Visit the Speedflow shop to see them all.

The Company

Speeedflow Products Limited was formed in 1996 and has been operating ever since under the guidance of Fay Fischer. Fay’s background in racing coupled with her in depth knowledge of almost every aspect of performance hose and plumbing means we are able to give the right advice to people from first contact. The small team at Speedflow all have a Motorsport background and all have a high level of product knowledge. As a result your enquiry and order will be looked after by people who know the products and can confidently advise you. We ask the right questions in a polite and professional manner to help ensure you get the best solution for your project.

Speedflow has a culture of thoroughness at every level of business that is reflected in our consistently high levels of customer service and a specification driven product range.

The Product

At the core of our product range are our hose ends, fittings and adaptors. These are made at the factory in Australia with regular shipments arriving with us here in the UK. We have a huge range of associated hose and fittings products ranging from oil control equipment through to specialist tools.

The fittings have a unique and innovative design to reduce pressure drop across the fitting whilst maintaining a compact swept elbow characteristic. This has been achieved through many years of research and significant investment in manufacturing. The result is a range of strong full flow hose ends, fittings and adaptors that are not made the conventional way by brazing parts together. Instead they are formed in specialized equipment to produce a compact solid one piece bend with uniform wall thickness. This specification applies to the popular angled hose end sizes and styles across the range. These bends are as low and strong as forged fittings but with the advantage of a swept full flow bend.

Speedflow alloy fittings are made from marine quality 6061 billet Aluminium for superior corrosion and fatigue resistance.

All Speedflow steel fittings are plated using the Electroless Nickel process, which gives a uniform coating, providing a high degree of corrosion resistance and a degree of lubricity.

The Benefits to You

Our well engineered and manufactured product range coupled with our high level of customer service means you have piece of mind when purchasing from Speedflow.

We recognise every enquiry and order as being valued and important.